VT Revival

Welcome back, or simply welcome to my humble abode on the net.

Back in 1993 I started my own little site with crappy looking .htm files under some provider's subdomain that even I can't remember the address of, and no doubt they no longer exist today. When internet got a little more grown up I registered the vt52.com domain as I was mainly posting about audio DIY stuff and the venerable VT52 tube was my favorite at the time.

As years progressed I added more and more projects until around 2004 when I hit a slump in my DIY activity after getting completely burned out on listening to each and every part in my amps/speakers and seeing if there wasn't something I could improve. All that anal-retentive tweaking had me lose sight of the most important thing in the entire audio chain: the music itself.

After 2-3 years I sold off my BD3 speakers and Oris 200 horns, still to my eternal regret seeing that AER has more than doubled their prices to insane levels. With no speakers there was also no need for my amps, so I tore down most of them into parts and put everything into boxes, to be forgotten for over a decade while I focussed on other hobbies and work.

Recently I quit another hobby that I had been active in for just over 20 years; also burned out from too much focus and not enough enjoyment. I had to do something to kill all that spare time (ahem). So I was moving boxes at work and saw some tubes in it, had a closer look to remeniss about the good old days of tube audio. Unpacked some other boxes, and some more, and before I knew it I was drawing plans for some new speakers.

In light of the new spark, I added some info to my old site that dated back to 1997-1998 basically; some html frames built with FrontPage 2003 that I re-installed just for the occasion. Old Skool!!!!!   Yeah, until I noticed there were thousands of emails being sent daily as the couple of php scripts on there were hacked. Time to make a new site that has it's roots in the current century. So in short: here we are again. Hopefully I wil keep the ball rolling and add some new projects with the focus mainly on enjoyment rather than unlimited tweaking.


TL;DR version:  Had an old site, stopped DIY, now I'm back with a updated site. Hi!!!!