Usagi-Yojimbo concept


5am, can't sleep... let's draw up the concept of the Usagi-Yojimbo.


Yojimbo turned out to be a no-R no-C amp in the concept (in the signal part at least). Initially I wanted a 2:1 stepdown, if any, in the 26 preamp as it seemed like such a waste. I remember I had a set of Tribute amorphous 1:4 step-up transformers, so I could actually get back the gain of the 26 preamp which now sports a 4:1 stepdown in the output. Best of both worlds?

The operating points for the 10s are just guestimates at this point, don't pin me up on them. The fixed bias will allow me to shift the bias current to wherever I would like. As the output will be a VT62, these can handle some extra current and anode dissipation vs the driver. Or I could just stick in a VT62 as driver and use two identical setups.