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Tube type Brand Comments
10Y Sylvania 7.5V on filament (default)
10Y [@6.3V] Sylvania 6.3V on filament
1626 Hytron =VT137
1G4GT ICC rebranded
205D Full Music It's not a bug, it's a feature. Trademark TJ issues?
26 National Union ST
26 (bad) RCA UX226 globe. Tube is used up (3mA bias instead of 6-8mA)
2A3 Sovtek
404A [triode] Western Electric =5847
45 Full Music Nickel "mesh" anode. New in box, but seems to have issues (wobbly lines)
45 rewire National Union Other tube internally rewired and labeled as 45. Has 2.5V/0.12A filament, mu of 5 and higher gm.
50 National Union Large ST shape
5842Q Raytheon
71 RCA UX-171 Original tungsten filament version (5V/0.5A)
801 RCA Graphite anode
801A Hytron VT62 =VT62
VT52 National Union ^^^ filament
VT67 Hytron =30 Special (2x filament current)