These are the projects I am working on, or planning to do in the near future. Once they have been completed, they will be moved to the other Project archive pages. So as you can see from the list below, I have a lot on my plate while I get back up and running.



plan project description compliment status last update
Almost Done™ Filament PCB Passive supply PCBs for DHT filament for Usagi-Yojimbo wip 20-07-2018
Very Soon™ Bias PCB Passive supply PCBs for fixed bias for Usagi-Yojimbo wip 24-07-2018
Very Soon™ Tang assisted full-range speaker Tangband W8-1772 wip 20-07-2018
Soon™ Morpheus Modular gain/driver stage 6E6P-DR good to go


Soon™ Usagi DHT preamp 26 | AZ1 good to go 09-08-2018
Soon™ Yojimbo DHT power amp 10Y | 801A | RG1-250 good to go 26-07-2018




plan project description compliment design last update
Soon™ Kaneda Bass cabinet Beyma SM115/N good to go  
Soon™ Tetsuo Rectangular wood tractrix horns JBL 2451J good to go 25-07-2018
Someday™ Quintet Retrofit 6S4P | 6Z11P | 6L6G thinking 17-07-2018
Brainfart™ Spudsky Spud with filament bias 6E6P thinking 01-08-2018


EL84 SE Triode amp 6Z9P | 6P14P
E180F | EL84
thinking 22-07-2018
Brainfart™ T.B.D. PP UL power amp (<300Hz) 6E5P | 6L6? thinking 25-07-2018
Brainfart™ Tоварищ SE UL pentode amplifier 6E6P | 4P1L thinking 20-07-2018
Brainfart™ T.B.D. Headphone amp no clue no clue n/a
Maybe™ Prologue 2.0 Integrated amp 5842 | 1626 | 5Y3 ON HOLD 05-06-2018