Epilogue \Ep"i*logue\ (?; 115), n. [F. ['e]pilogue, L. epilogus, fr. Gr. ? conclusion, fr. ? to say in addition; 'epi` upon, besides + ? to say.] 
1. (Drama) A speech or short poem addressed to the spectators and recited by one of the actors, after the conclusion of the play.
2. (Rhet.) The closing part of a discourse, in which the principal matters are recapitulated; a conclusion.












plate curve for the EC8010


  EC8010 71A
B+ 190V 190V
Ua 132V 155V
Ug -1.3 -35
Rk 51R 2.0K
Ia 25.5mA 17.5mA
Rl 2.2K ±20H
mu 60 3
gain 30 2.95




Signal section
signal section


B+ supply
B+ supply for both channels


filament supplies



The next logical step for the prologue was to use a directly heated tube with basically the same amount of output power. The transformers from the prologue can be used for this amp as well, making it possible for me to make a new chassis plate and popping on the same iron. In addition I have used a separate preamp tube to act as buffer for my cross-over filter. It is tapped directly from the volume control and amplifies about 12 times. This gives some extra gain to the bass amps as well.


Changed the 83 to a 80 as I was having too much noise coming from the 83. The 80 is a bit warmer sounding than the 83 and voltage are quite a bit lower (220V with 83 and 190V with 80). I couldn't get it finished in time to bring to the ETF, the EC8010 is still too microfonic.


This amp has a seperate output that goes to my bass amps. The tube can be seen in the pictures between the two EC8010's. It is an ECC84 and it's input is tapped directly from the pot. Bias is at around 14-15mA, one section is used for the left channel, the other for the right channel.