July 1st, 2000
Jac v/d Walle
Muehlheim, Germany (1266km round trip)

Jac is the official world-wide distributor of AVVT tubes for dealers. I got to know him about two years ago when we arranged to meet at the 1999 High-End show in Neu-Issenburg Germany. I only spoke a few hours with him before I had to leave (it's a 4.5 hour drive under good circumstances). This July I decided to drop by and spend a day or two at his place. Jac agreed of course, being the nice guy that he is (and fellow dutchman).

"Leave at 5am and you'll be here in time so we can spend an entire day". And so it went... The alarm went off at 4:30 and I was in my car at 5 am. I loaded up the car with all sorts of tube goodies to show Jac, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" sort of thing. I'm not the kind to drive along at the speed limits, and my trusty diesel never lets me down, even with my driving style. Pacing along at 150-170km/h to avoid my license being pulled in case I did happen to be stopped, I reached the border at Venlo (140km) within the hour. Saturdays are usually pretty quiet, specially at 5-6 am.

Once I crossed the border, well actually 500m before I went into my regular driving mode at 180-190km/h. I drive about 55000km per year and I have found that you don't get anywhere driving 100-120km/h. Any way, at 10 am I reached Muehlheim, which is about 40km south of Stuttgart. Fifteen minutes later I was at Jac's front door. Wow... nice pad!!!!

jac_1.jpg (34573 bytes)
view from Jac's kitchen!

The beautiful scenery of rolling hills and the valley that his house is in really makes a nice bonus while listening to the music. Jac just moved in which means his system was not running yet (down at the bottom of the priority list). I got to see a lot of cool AVVT tubes that I hadn't seen before. Many proto types and special types that are not made for production.

After comparing our tube collections we found that it was already nearing the end of the afternoon. Wow, time flies... Jac and his wife came up with the idea to go bike riding for a while to break the day and get some fresh air (I think she was tired of our tube talk). I thought it was a great idea, I just forgot we were in the middle of a valley :(((  Down-hill was cool, but then we had to go back up as well: aaarrgghhh. I'm not a bike rider myself, and my condition is almost non-existent so we cut the bike ride short at the third hill and went back to Jac's house to recuperate. By that time it was time for dinner and after that even more tube talk. At about 1am we decided to call it a day and retire. I slept like a log, weird huh after being awake for 21 hours.

The next morning we finished up our conversation and around 12 noon I really had to go. I had an appointment with another friend who lived close by,   but more on that later. Tube talk really let's you forget the time, although I don't mind. Too bad the stay was a bit "short", but we agreed to do this more often :)

Thanks to Jac and his wife for putting up with me for the weekend!!!