March 6-7, 2001
Erwin Wiesbauer & Jonathan Noble
Schwieberdingen, Germany


Jonathan Noble e-mailed me that he was coming to Belgium for some seminars and that he would visit Erwin in Germany during his trip. We kind of agreed that we would meet there, it's not every day that you meet a fellow DIY'er from South Africa.

I left early tuesday morning to pick Jonathan up in Leuven (B), it was sort of along the route anyway. It wouldn't be the same if there weren't some traffic jams, and yep, I hit three of them. I was a bit late in Leuven, about an hour, as I saw Jonathan waiting outside. We met and quickly hit the road again towards Germany. Our route took us through Luxemburg to Germany, I went through four countries that day :)))  It's a small world, or is it just europe ;))

We arrived in Schwieberdingen and tube talk started immediately. A quick dinner and then on to some listening.

"So, are you sure this thing won't kill us all?"


"Jonathan, you should listen to the 45 if you get the chance."


DIY at it's best... Erwin hooking up my OPT's for a test run.


Erwin's new RIAA/Preamp.


Open baffle with 12" wide-range speaker.


The 45 amp with my OPT hooked up. They wouldn't let me take it back :)