A bit about myself

Hi, welcome to my homepage.

This is my very own microscopic little piece of the web. It may not be much, BUT IT'S MINE!!! On this site you'll find some subjects that I'm into, which is mostly audio related. I'm currently working on a few projects which might be interesting to some other people too.

I started this site because I liked to show other people what I was working on. The next few months I spent several hours changing and updating my site. I have gone through quite some changes since the beginning. So far I have had 12 different versions, mainly having to do with layouts and appearances. I am still adding info so I think there will be several more versions to come. I have gathered 200Mb of space to place my info on. Considering that I started out with 1Mb on which I had to place all my projects and data at the time... I now have more than enough space, but am looking for info to fill it with.

Anyway, somewhere along the line I noticed that DIYers on the net were all looking for data on certain tubes. I myself found it hard to get the information I needed for my own projects. I decided to start collecting datasheets for DHT and rectifier tubes and place them on my site. I have only managed to get a few sheets of american tubes such as the 2A3, 300B etc etc. European tubes have proven to be much harder to get info about, only a handful of incomplete sheets is all I have been able to turn up so far.

It seems more and more people are dropping by for a visit. I have received many compliments on my site, and some criticism (which I don't mind). I have been able to learn a few things myself since posting my ideas here. The DIY community has several people who are also willing to give advice, instead of just taking it. Everyone in this hobby is still learning each day, even if they have been at it for over 25 years. This is the fun part about this hobby, everyone shares his/her experience with others in order to maybe learn something themselves or at least help others along their search for that one amp that can't be beaten.

My c.v.

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