I have placed a lot of data on my site about tubes and projects as you may have seen. I could not have gathered all this info if certain tube loving people out there had not contributed some of this data. I would like to thank all those people for helping me help other people...


Denmark Bjorn Aaholm
For his ideas, his input, his hospitality during my visit to Denmark and for the work he is doing...
flag James Dowdy
For all the ideas and support, for the ton of data sheets he sent and for being a friend.
flag Erwin Wiesbauer
For exchanging ideas, advice, schematics, tubes and knowledge (while letting me improve my german in the meantime).
flag Bert Doppenberg
For being patient and taking the time to listen to my speakers while I was having some (acoustical) problems with my new Lowthers.
flag Mattijs de Vries
For his help and ideas and letting me listen to his system on an already blistering 35 degrees Celsius afternoon.
Denmark Mikkel Simonsen
For all the datasheets he sent me.
Switzerland Claudio Bonavolta
For the wonderful VT52 schematics
flag John Semrad
For the pictures of the Raytheon VT52 and the datasheets he sent me.
Korea Sugjun Kim
For the interesting conversations and all the datasheets he sent me.
flag Brendan Biever
For supplying me with those nice tubes and taking the time to discuss some subjects.


And all the numerous other people who I forgot to mention.