Parts I Use

Just as a reference for myself; which parts I use mainly outside the signal path and where I source them. For anything in the signal path I tend to have a stockpile of tubes, caps, resistors, transformers that are all left over from my earlier DIY period.


category   ID ratings info supplier order nr. price
diode n/a UF4003 1A / 200V / 1V / 50ns 0.95V, 50ns ultra-fast recovery Farnell 2675014 €0,02 (100+)
diode n/a UG2D 2A / 200V 0.95V, 15ns ultra-fast recovery Farnell 9551778 €0,25 (25+)
diode n/a STTH802D 8A / 200V 1.05V, 15ns, TO220 ultra-fast recovery Farnell 1295296 €0,45 (25+)
capacitor Epcos   10nf 63V film Farnell 9752951 €0,13 (50+)
capacitor Epcos   100nF 63V film Farnell 9750878 €0,13 (50+)
capacitor Nichicon FG 10uF 50V electrolytic Mouser 647-UFG1H100MDM €0,17 (10+)
capacitor Nichicon FG 100uF 50V electrolytic Mouser 647-UKZ1H101MHM €0,43 (10+)
capacitor Nichicon FG 470uF 50V electrolytic Mouser 647-UFG1H471MHM €0,91 (10+)
capacitor Nichicon FW 4700uF 50V electrolytic Mouser 647-UFW1H472MRD €2,30 (10+)
capacitor Nichicon FW 10.000uF 50V electrolytic Mouser 647-UFW1H103MRD €3,65 (10+)
capacitor Nichicon KX 100uF 450V electrolytic Mouser 647-LKX2W101MESA25 €7,86 (1+)
inductor Würth   10mH / 3.4A / 110mR common-mode choke Mouser 710-744866103 €3,84
resistor generic   0-50W non-signal path Farnell -