Things I Want To Try

Just some things that I want to compare or just try out/build. Some of this stuff I have done in the past but have completely lost touch with the results and just want to try it out.


- Triode driver shoot-out: 5842 vs EC8010 vs 6S45P vs WE437

- Pentode driver shoot-out: D3a vs E810F vs 6688 vs 5847 vs 6Z9P vs 6Z11P vs 6E5P vs 6E6P


- Silicon Carbide diodes in B+ vs tube rectifier

- SiC vs ultra-fast diodes in DHT filament supply

- Voltage regulated B+ (solid state and tube)

- LM317 current source vs Coleman regs

- Bias methods: Fixed (PS and battery) vs Filament vs Cathode (R and LED)

- CCS vs Choke vs IT