Sound Practices Fabulous DIY audio magazine

Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine devoted to tube amplifiers

The Tube CAD Journal Great site with tube related info and articles

Radiomuseum Most comprehensive radio database on the net

Sempermusica Brian Clark's site filled with spud amps and horns speakers very nice HAM-radio site, very cool GM100 project.

Triode Dick Another fellow dutch tube addict, great stuff!

Bjorn Aaholm's excellent site loaded with DIY audio schematics and info, really great stuff !

DHT Rob Site with really excellent SE tube projects!!!!

RaymondAudio The title says it all

Frank Phillipse Truly magnificent site for european data sheets (I'm jealous), he has almost every tube listed!!!

Mattijs de Vries A great DHT lover like myself. Excellent site !!!

Ed Billeci's radical, and unearthly good looking 212E amps

Claudio Bonavolta Site with tube projects (VT52!!!! YES!!!)

The Triode Gang French/English site about... triodes

Cuno Snoeren's site with tube stuff

Setiawan Nice site with tube datasheets and schematics

DIY Audio huge list of tube/audio related links

Andrea Ciuffoli's DAC filled site

Enjoy the Music by Steve Rochlin. Neat site with lots of info on audio and more...

Technological Fossils page about Dynaco and Heathkit amps

Ulrich Haumann's new homepage

DIY Audio Paradiso Korean site with tube amp projects

Audio Society of Minnesota Lots of info and links for the audio/DIY fan

SJS Electroacoustic Amp design info

Sheldon Stokes' homepage

Ampage Site filled with tube info and data

Jan's Page European tube data

Kevin Kenendy's Tube filled site