In my search for a good output tube I came across this mysterious little triode. It's history has been sort of a national secret ever since it was taken into production back in the late 1930's. Official data of this tube was never given to the general public and most have had to rely on old schematics to find any parameters for it. Only people with good tube testers or curve tracers can really see what this tube was like.

This cloud of mystery might sound interesting, but it makes it hard as hell to design an amp around it. This page is dedicated to finding out as much about the VT52 and it's predecessors as possible to give a complete picture of this wonderful old triode.

vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) The story behind the VT52
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) Electrical characteristics
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) Physical characteristics
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) Tube tester settings and results
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) Picture gallery
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) Schematics using the VT52
vt_button.jpg (2543 bytes) E-mail correspondence

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