Recommended reading

History and backgrounds

Title 70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves
Author John W. Stokes
ISBN 1-886606-11-0
Description History of electron tubes (US & european), a lot of pictures and early advertisements.
Rating 10, a pleasure to read and see !!!


Title The Classic Valves (japanese)
Author ?
ISBN 4-416-19403-X
Description Shows a lot of color pictures of tubes with filaments lit, some nice info inside. All text is in japanese, but still a good book.
Rating 6


Title Roerfoerstaerkare (swedish)
Author Jean Hiraga
ISBN none
Description Info about tube amplifiers, euro and US tubes. Some schematics. Very nice
Rating 7


Title Principles of Electron Tubes
Author Herbert J. Reich
ISBN 1-882580-07-9
Description Schoolbook style, tells a lot about calculations and different topologies
Rating 8


Tube data

Title Tube Lore
Author Ludwell Sibley
ISBN 0-9654683-0-5
Description Short info about many of the US tubes. VT/CV numbers, 800 series etc etc etc. A must!!!
Rating 9


Title Electronic Universal Vademecum
Author Mikolajczyk & Paszkowski
ISBN 83-204-1753-8
Description What text that is present is in Polish, but this does not matter. This telephone book contains hundreds of tube curves, parameters on thousands of tubes. Generally only more modern tubes listed.
 Rating 8


Title Prehled Elektronek
Author Brudna & Poustka
ISBN none
Description Contains parameters for almost every european and american tube prior to the 1960's.
Rating 10