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Tube type Brand Sort descending Comments
45 Full Music Nickel "mesh" anode. New in box, but seems to have issues (wobbly lines)
205D Full Music It's not a bug, it's a feature. Trademark TJ issues?
1626 Hytron =VT137
VT67 Hytron =30 Special (2x filament current)
801A Hytron VT62 =VT62
1G4GT ICC rebranded
45 rewire National Union Other tube internally rewired and labeled as 45. Has 2.5V/0.12A filament, mu of 5 and higher gm.
VT52 National Union ^^^ filament
26 National Union ST
50 National Union Large ST shape
5842Q Raytheon
801 RCA Graphite anode
26 (bad) RCA UX226 globe. Tube is used up (3mA bias instead of 6-8mA)
71 RCA UX-171 Original tungsten filament version (5V/0.5A)
2A3 Sovtek
10Y Sylvania 7.5V on filament (default)
10Y [@6.3V] Sylvania 6.3V on filament
404A [triode] Western Electric =5847