Software Tools

I have collected about every formula I ever needed to calculate anything about tubes in an Excel file. A friend came up with this idea since it was easier than doing everything on paper all the time and ending up with something that can't be right anyway. I've placed the file below for everyone to download. Just fill in the fields and the results automatically pop up in the green boxes.

Formulas.xls (120kb) - lots of handy tube calculations. Updated 01-10-2017

Platechoke.xls (49kb) - Graphical presentation of plate-choke roll-off. Updated 23-11-2001


PSU-Designer 2, Duncan Amps
Also of great interest to any tube DIY'er is Duncan Munro's nifty little PSU program. This program simulates several power supply types and actually shows the voltage in a curve... Truly marvelous!!!


Great speaker simulation program, a must for any speaker DIYr...