Duo 3.1

There are people who hate it and people who love it. The MicroMega was the CD player that got my attention in the first days of my audio addiction. It may not be the best player out ther, but is has sentimental value to me. I always dreamed of having a MicroMega back then, playing with my "good" setup. The price kept me from ever realizing it until recently, never thought about getting one second-hand :)) These transports are down right cheap these days if you find a second hand unit. The one I got cost as much as my Marantz CD62 did when I bought it new.



The CD3.1 has a radial CDM9 transport inside, one of the last great transports. The entire transport is held up with a very heavy plate that is hung in springs for dampening. Most of the weight of this unit is made up of that transport base. The buttons are plain spartan: play, stop, next, previous, pause and power. If you have a Marantz remote for the CD62 type units you can actually use this to get more functionality from the CD3.1 :))




I opened up the MicroMega today. The power button was giving problems.Boy, this sure killed my vision of this drive. Grade B components and the flimsy CDM9 (not pro) version. I will definitely have to do some upgrading here soon.



Open...  DUH!!!!

The standard CDM9/44 transport.