F1 Digital

My CD3.1 was on the fritz, the laser would not track as good and the spindle (cheap plastic piece of ...) could be moved over the axle thus blowing the setup. It was time to get a new transport. A replacement soon popped up, the MicroMega F1. I have always been attracted to the plexiglass topped players as they were the first decent players I heard when starting out with the audio bug. Maybe nostalgia...

And what do you do when you get some new gear? Just like a new car, look under the hood at the engine. The inside reveals back to the beginning style electronics and PCB's, haven't seen this in quite a while. The newer MicroMegas look more sophisticated and thought out (in a commercial sense) with it's double layered, silk-screened PCB.


The CDM1-mkII transport, a classic by now.


A look under the hood


Nice and full of old electronics.


Took out the PCB and replaced all essential capacitors with Black Gate types, even though it is only for the digital domain (no DAC inside).