TVC shoot-out

Last week I received a pair of mono Transformer Volume Controls from Tribute. This prompted me to try them out against two other well known TVC's, namely the Silver Rock and the MF Audio. As the latter have been playing a while, the new Tributes are running 24/7 for a week or so to play them in. No sense in comparing them yet as they REALLY need to be played in. More to follow soon...


Yes, I am still alive... just not much into audio at the moment (time... same old same old). People keep asking me to finish this article as I promised a conclusion about 6 months ago and never delivered. Well... I'll keep it short and to the point:

MF Audio: Very good sounding unit, okay on price/quality but as far as high-end goes; it's a very good deal. A bit on the sweet/warm side with voices, maybe missing a little sparkle in the highs, but very comfortable to hear and enjoy.

Silver Rock: Divide the price by 4 and it could be a good buy. Some imbalance in sound and annoyance with longer listening made me test this unit a bit further. Induction measurements showed about 30% deviation between the left and right units, this explains the annoyance and imbalance as one channel was producing less in the bass/lows. I was quite shocked to see this kind of difference in such a high-end priced unit. This unit has great potential if they would test/match before shipping it.

Tribute: These are only available as a separate volume controls, you have to make your own housing around it. Result is that they are by far the most economical to get at around 350-400 I think. For sound quality they certainly get my vote; very neutral and not attracting your attention with any flaws. Highs are good, mids are good, bass is good: nothing left to be desired. You will not get bored listening to these and you will not get annoyed by a suspicion that something is wrong but you just can't punt your finger on it. Best buy without a doubt in my mind. You can get them in a single axle stereo version, or as separate mono versions as shown in the picture below.


Tribute TVC's


The three units stacked on top of each other
The top one is my make-shift creation (but I think that was obvious) for the Tribute units
MF Audio in the middle
Silver Rock at the bottom


Jim de Kort