This amp will look quite familiar as it is an updated version to my old prologue amp using the same tube set-up. The main difference is that I am using a choke load on the 5842 driver instead of the original RC load which allowed me to share the same B+ supply with the 1626 output tube. The purpose of this amp is to eventually power my tweeters once I get my 3-way horn system up and running. The RC filter between the driver and output tubes will be used to get a high-pass filter around 1kHz in my case; you could use a regular 100nF/250K combination to keep it full-range. I may even end up adding the complete HP filter in here and remove the passive XO components speaker-side.

- 1V input sensitivity
- 5kHz and up
- Use the transformers/chokes that I have on hand
- Use cool tubes that I still have :)




I've drawn up a basic schematic of my new amp, but am still trying to figure out what the entire setup will look like in terms of power supplies. I've split the 5842 from the 1626 B+ supply as I might build two supplies as my intended 26 preamp could share the 180V supply that the 5824 uses. Choices, choices.



Signal section


Filament supply


B+ Supplies coming soon once I figure it all out.



Jim de Kort